People! While the hearts are beating, you ought to remember the cost of winning the happiness. Please, remember!


  • Day of memory of victims of fascism


           Day of memory of victims of fascism is a Day memories of tens millions the people who have disappeared as a result of huge, inhuman experiment. These are millions soldiers which fascist leaders have pushed off with each other, but it is even more – civilians who perished under bombs, from illnesses and for hunger.

           The most terrible ideology – that which does the person guilty from a birth only for blood which flows in its veins. The ideology of nazism has brought destructions as that who has raised it, and that who resisted to it. Half a century ago the huge nazi car managed to be stopped and destroyed. Soldiers of different nationalities battled shoulder to shoulder and have won.

           Since 1962 it was considered to be every Sunday September in the International afternoon of memory of victims of fascism. This day has been defined in September as this month two dates connected with the Second World War – day of its beginning and its full end have. It became one of the reasons of an establishment of day of mourning on September Sunday.

           The international day of memory in each country which has taken part in the Second World War, is marked not only cancellation of entertaining actions, the celebrations which are dropping out for this date, but also visiting of monuments, memorials, cemeteries (in many countries this day it is accepted to look after the anonymous, thrown tombs).