People! While the hearts are beating, you ought to remember the cost of winning the happiness. Please, remember!


  • In the former concentration camp Mauthausen there has passed solemnly-mourning ceremony devoted to the 63 anniversary of clearing of a concentration camp.


           Delegations about 50 countries, including Russia, have taken part in solemnly- mourning ceremony in a memorial complex "Mauthausen" on a place of the former nazi concentration camp in which fascists executed and have tortured about 125 thousand persons, among which 32 thousand Soviet people.

           The Russian delegation led by the adviser-envoy of embassy of the Russian Federation in Austria Oleg Tjapkinym, the constant representative at the international organisations in Vienna Alexander Zmeevskim and Jury Stetsenko has assigned wreaths to the central monument to the Soviet prisoners on the location so-called «Russian barrack». Russians also have paid a memory tribute to the general lieutenant of the Soviet Army stirred up in a concentration camp Dmitry Karbyshevu which nazis have subjected to inhuman tortures, pouring over cold water in January, having transformed into an ice block.

           Then delegations of the various countries have proceeded under mourning music of the Austrian military wind band to Apelplatts — the areas of check of prisoners of Mauthausen, — where also have assigned wreaths.

           On taken place then meeting the former prisoners, and also the Austrian heads have acted.

           «I thank all come today here, — the federal chancellor of Austria Alfred Guzenbauer has told. — you are the certificate of that Europe, all world will not admit the second Mauthausen».