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  • History of a concentration camp Mauthausen

           The camp Mauthausen has been constructed in one of the most beautiful and picturesque places of a valley of Danube on suburb ancient small town of Mauthausen - has reckoned bloody events in 1938 when it became "branch" of a nazi concentration camp of Dachau located nearby to the Bavarian capital - Munich.

           After arrival of nazis to the power in Austria the way of sufferings of the Jewish population of the country has begun. In the summer of 1938 2 thousand Jews on false denunciations have been arrested, sent in Dachau and there are destroyed. In Vienna the Central point for the Jewish emigrants "which served mainly for revealing of rich Jews and their to a robbery and destruction has been organised". Many of Jews seriously hoped that nazis, having selected all their property and property, will allow them to emigrate easy, however almost all of them have finished a life in gas chambers of Mauthausen and other camps of death scattered across Europe. In total from nationalities which under "the racial theory" Adolf Hitler and Alfreda Rosenberg had not the right to existence, was lost in concentration camps of 6 million Jews and about 600 thousand gipsies.

           First 2 thousand Soviet prisoners of war have arrived to Mauthausen in November, 1941. In total in a concentration camp - near to "a favourite city of the Fuhrer which he wished to transform in due course into world capital" - Linz - it has been executed, some thousand Jews, Italians, Hungarians, Albanians, Serbs and Croats have died of beatings and hunger, and also from back-breaking toil in stone quarries more than 32 thousand Soviet citizens, 30 thousand Poles.

           On May, 5th, 1945 prisoners of nazi camp of death of Mauthausen have been released.

           The American army in the beginning of May, 1945 approached to the Austrian borders from the north, from outside the German earth of Bavaria. The right flank desperately resisting fascist вермахта has been overturned for Danube and the road on camp of death Mauthausen has opened. In Germany the American and English armies already participated in clearing of concentration camps, for example, such as Buhenvald or Bergen - Belzen. But that Americans have seen in Mauthausen, has amazed even such tempered fighters, as general Duajt Eisenhower, the future US president. In Mauthausen at that time was 60 thousand prisoners. They also have told, how in a concentration camp participants of antifascist struggle, political and military figures of the countries occupied by Hitlerites perished.

           On the eve of the 50 anniversary from the date of clearing of prisoners of a concentration camp Mauthausen in 1995 the Austrian historians of Florian Frojnd and Bertrand Perts have found out in one of caves маутхаузенской stone quarries a pipe-extract of the gas chamber. It "the material proof" testifies that, despite statements of many modern "brown" were engaged in mass destruction of people "on an industrial basis". Almost in all camps of death they managed to hide traces of the crimes against humanity, in Mauthausen, probably, hurriedly they did not manage to hide "none will be the wiser".