People! While the hearts are beating, you ought to remember the cost of winning the happiness. Please, remember!


  • Camp today

           Now in territory of the former concentration camp of Mauthausen the museum-memorial, and from grey Mauthausen's a stone - "a memory Altar" is created.

           Among the remained camp constructions and a stone quarry where thousand Russian kowtowed, Jews, Ukrainians, Poles, Byelorussians, Tatars, it is placed more than 20 monuments to citizens of Soviet Union, Poland, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Albania and other countries, the victim in Mauthausen.

           It is traditional in memorable day on May, 5th in Mauthausen will take place meeting in which take part Austrian state and politicians, and also representatives of those states, whose citizens were lost in this camp of death. Wreaths and flowers to tombs of the lost prisoners are assigned.